Sunday, December 12, 2010

Florida has a New Coach

With former Dawg Will Muschamp named coach in Gainesville, what does it mean for Florida?  For Georgia?

Well, for one, I think Florida has a solid young coach, one that has plenty of potential, but also one that hasn't proven himself as a head coach.  Yet.  Texas gave him the 'head coach in waiting' tag and an appropriate amount of money to convince him to stay.  The fact remains that Mack Brown wasn't ready to hand the keys to his Ferrari Sypder California at Texas to Will.

On the other hand, there is a solid analogy out there for someone who was a long time assistant coach on very successful teams: Mark Richt.

The fact remains that Muschamp has plenty to prove and plenty to do.  Florida in 2011 is a very different place than Georgia was in 2001. Expectation wise, Muschamp will be accused of sandbagging because he wants Georgia to win if he doesn't win in Jacksonville or go 11-0.  There is a reputed character problem in the Florida program.  He has to figure out what to do and now about recruiting.

For Georgia, I don't see this any differently than I would another bright young assistant getting the job.  I disagree with those out there who are pissed/paniced/dejected about Georgia 'losing' our next head coach.  Beyond being dangerous thinking, since we have a coach, it is defeatist.  I am not happy with the past two or three season's performances, but I certainly am not rooting for Mark Richt to fail 'for the good of the program.'  Plus, there is no evidence that Will would have come to Athens or that Mack Brown wouldn't have stepped down soon enough.

This is a bit of a gambly hire, too.  If Florida is the best job in college football, as I have read and heard about a 1000 times since Wednesday afternoon, then shouldn't established coaches be in play?  You telling me Will Muschamp is better than Mike Stoops? Chris Peterson? Gary Patterson? Kyle Wittingham?

He may well end up being all of those guys wrapped up in one and more, but I am very wait and see here.  We Georgia fans have a strong case of relationship bias about Muschamp.  He has been stellar as a DC, but his team gave up over 25ppg this season, with essentially the same personnel as last year.  That puts them two spots, nationally, behind Georgia.  If he hadn't played for Georgia, would we still feel the same?  What if it was Charlie Strong, Bo Pellini, Ed Orgeron, or Dan Mullen, pre-Louisville, Nebraska, Mississippi, or Mississippi State, being named? What about Bud Foster or Dick Bumpas or John Chavis? Would you still feel the same?

Will, you'll see different fingers from Texas fans now


  1. Your DISH ad is covering up your content. I'd drop that kind of crap is you want people to keep coming to your site.

  2. The question that needs to be answered is what happens to Meyer's offense

    If someone is not GREAT at that offense, it is TERRIBLE. So, it is quite a tossup hiring an unproven, spread OC.

    So, if they go back to a Pro-Style, will they have the ability to switch back?