Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five Questions for the Liberty Bowl

Boys and girls, this ain't your older brother's Central Florida squad.

  1. Did The Todd teach his defense to stop the run over the past month? Georgia didn't play very good defense against the run this season, especially inside the red zone. UCF is a very good running team, averaging 192+ ypg, good for 25th in the nation.  That goes up to 9th in the nation inside the red zone.  UCF has scored 32 rushing TDs from inside their opponent's 20 yd line.  This is number one with a bullet.  
  2. Which Freshman QB will prove to be better in this game? We know the kid from Tampa Plant is pretty good.  How good is the kid from Miami Central?  Well, he didn't start until the fourth game of the season and has over 2000 yards passing and over 500 yards rushing.  He has thrown 6 ints in 209 attempts.  Oh, yeah.  He is the only Freshman QB with a better passer rating than Aaron Murray.  We can make the appropriate comparison about the defenses faced, but it is still an impressive debut for Godfrey.   
  3. Does Mike Bobo finally trust his players? Last season in the bowl game, the Dawgs did some things that we hadn't seen all season.  What wrinkles will the offense pull out for this game? Will they work? 
  4. Does the AJ factor matter? AJ is leaving for the NFL.  Gonna happen.  In a couple of past couple of bowl games, players headed to the NFL have taken the bowl game off.  AJ doesn't seem like the guy to do that, but if he does, someone has to step up.  If AJ wants to make it up for the four games, show the nation how good he is with a 15 catch, 200 yard game. 
Bonus Question: How much do George O'Leary's three World Series Rings matter?


  1. AJ will be a factor because Aaron Murray will play his heart out for UGA and will hit AJ on atleast 3 TDs over the top of the slower and less experienced UCF corners.

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  2. Thanks to Dawgtoons for the catch on the title. Bourbon and a bad bowl game =messed up post title.