Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Don't wet your pants this time, Jeremy

All jokes aside, Urban...glad to know that you have a human side. Have fun at your daughters' volleyball games. You've earned the right to do what you want to at this point. Meanwhile, let the fun begin as the hunt for your successor begins.

Obviously, the focus is on DAN MULLEN because (A) He's the hot coaching property this off-season and (B) He was a Meyer assistant. Clearly, Florida can afford to meet any salary demand and Mullen would be crazy to turn down an offer from UF Exilus Maximus pointed out, there's the possibility that trouble is headed to Gainesville and Urban bailed early.
Besides that, something tells me there is a fish bigger than Mullen who is getable. I'm not sure who that may be, but on the other hand, I have thought of a few guys I think fit the mold who may not make a lot of short lists.

(1) Jim Harbaugh-Word has been that he's waiting for Rich Rodriguez' wake at Michigan but as of this posting, the Michigan job isn't open so UF is a bird in the hand. Considering Harbaugh's intensity, you'd think he'd be an instant hit in Gainesville; cut in the mold somewhat of Meyer. Teams tend to go with opposite personalities when new hires are made - when the predecessor was fired for being ineffective. That's not the case here. SEC fans may chide this one, saying "he's too Pac-10" yet I'm sure at one point Stanford folk probably thought of him as
"that Big 10 guy."

(2) Steve Sarkisian- Sark is fairly well-respected in the coaching community - he is, after all, The Kiffer's righteous twin. The Huskies had a mess in the wake of Rick Neuheisel's regime and Sarkisian has restored respectability to the school. He may have a sub .500 record so far but remember Gene Chizik was 5-19 at Iowa State and we all thought Auburn was a collective ass-clown with that hire.

(3) Kerwin Bell- When you think of former UF players in the coaching ranks, this guy makes the most sense. Spurrier is at the other end of the rainbow and Chan Gailey is a re-tread. Bell has the Florida connections, having played for the Gators in college, the Dolphins and Bucs in the NFL and the Orlando team in one of those funky World Leagues (the one with the lime sherbet unis). He also coached high school ball in Ocala and has been HC at Jacksonville U the past three seasons. I can't tell you how much I like this guy as my long-shot pick.

(4) Tony Dungy- There has to be a retread on everyone's list and let's face it, Dungy is a young 55. Who wouldn't want your kid playing for this guy? Forget the fact that he worked in Tampa, he's got a Super Bowl ring and would have no problem recruiting the talent-rich beds of the Sunshine State.

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