Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Cautionary Tale

You have look at what is happening in College Park, Maryland and wonder if there are lessons for folks to learn for Georgia.  

New AD, check.  Mediocre seasons, check.  Lower tier bowl, again, check.

There are several differences between Maryland and Georgia.  The chief among them is the support Coach Richt has among the high dollar alumni and the President.  Of course, that could change unless 2011 is a much better season.  I'll also admit that Coach Richt hasn't had anything approaching the disaster that was the 2-10 season the Terps suffered through last year.  Not that Richt has to to put Georgia in the weird place Maryland is now. 

I'd hope Georgia learns from what is happening in Maryland.  As bad as the non-sense has been with the consecutive down years, it will not compare to the shitshow that will be if the transition between Richt and the next coach isn't well managed, should it come to that. 

Start out 0-2 next year and we might find out.

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