Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Be Careful What You Say

After watching Will Muschamp's presser yesterday, I am stuck with a few thoughts:
  • He might be in over his head.  I am not saying he is, I am not saying he isn't.  He played ball at Georgia and is besties with Jimbo Fisher.  Any loss to either of those will be taken personally by the Florida faithful, far more so than usual.  Not that Florida has had to worry about that last Saturday in October much. It is easy to be down home and smile when you win, but lose to FSU or Georgia and the nastiness will come out.
  • Coach speak is cool.  'Temporary insanity.' Ha.  That's all well and good, but your players will spend enough time giving teams locker room bulletin board material.  So far, only Steve Spurrier got away with that and he had an SEC title under his belt before he started it.
  • Having Meyer around isn't going to be a bowl of cherries.  Ask Ray Goff, Ron Prince, Jim Donnan, Bud Carson, Gary Moeller, Pepper Rogers, Earle Bruce, Paul Hackett, Fred Akers, Frank Solich, or Bill Callahan.
  • Florida is coming after Georgia's offensive talent.  It is only natural to see that as an extension of the new pro-style offense he'll run.  Much is dependent on what OC he gets and the philosophy of that guy.  Right now, all Will Muschamp knows about offense is they have the ball and he wants to take it from them.  The biggest worry I have is that they'll recruit guys we haven't had to necessarily compete with them on, particularly QBs.  Of course, look for John Brantley to play at Blinn next season and Florida to start a true Freshman, who will be pre-season all everything.
  • His waiting on bowl season to get over before hiring assistants is smart...and not.  He has a wish list, one that includes guys still in their seasons, unlike some other hot assistants I can think of (Oh burn!).  Waiting to stalk talk to those guys is smart. The only down side is he can only be in one place at one time with two phones, so he'll get out recruited.  Not to mention, he may well not have his OC and/or DC in place until after the NFL season.  That is not optimal for recruiting.
  • Interesting how the media is already throwing Meyer under the bus a bit.  I just noticed how they were mentioning the unifying nature of the feel in the room and around Gator nation and how it indicated Meyer fatigue.  I think it is the very nature of a new hire.  Hell, Tennessee folks were happy with Lane Kiffin.  Then they were happy with Dooley.  We were happy with Jim Donnan.  Nothing to see here, move along.  We'll see how much they love him after his first loss. Or when he doesn't win a Nat Championship, a Heisman Trophy, and have co-Broyles award winners next year. 
Just my thoughts.

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  1. Since Muschamp wants to bring in Kirby Smart to run his defense... think we could talk him into taking Bobo for his O.C.? Just a thought! LOL