Monday, November 1, 2010

Five Questions Answered

  1. Will the revamped Florida offense do it for Meyer?  The Burton, Demps, Time to Die show did plenty for Meyer's offense.  Plenty.  I guess you can get mad about the loss (and I know I did), but I agree with T. Kyle King about rooting for a guy that puts more value on treating women right than Urban Meyer does.  But hey, they passed their season average by over 100 yards, so they have that going for them.
  2. Will Mike Bobo design a game plan that gives Georgia options?  Hey, look who scored the second most points on Florida this season.  Bobo wasn't the issue on Saturday.  There were a few play calls that makes you go hmmm, but over all, the plan was good.  And it worked.
  3. Can Grantham get his defense ready for the revamped Florida offense? No. Hell no.
  4. How does Meyer rally his troops? That bitch set Rainey up.
Bonus Question: Who has the most disenchanted fans right now? No rhetoricals here.

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