Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why now?

Hey, I am all for anything that can get in Cam Newton's kitchen, at least until about 7pm on Saturday afternoon.  By all accounts, he has been the feel good story of the year for his stunning comeback from all sorts of shenanigans at Florida, and his incredible running and passing ability.

Now, word has come that he was in danger of being brought up on accademic charges at Florida when he 'decided' to transfer? 

Two questions:
  1. Why are these just now being brought to light? Newton's time in Gainesville certainly wasn't a shining example of scholar athlete good behavior, what with laptops thrown out windows and all.  Tell me though, why now? It sure seems like someone at UF has an ax to grind, someone that might be looking to divert attention away from other things.  Or someone could just be that small and petty.
  2. What does this have to do with Cam Newton or his people possibly asking for money from other schools?  The NCAA doesn't need any more on Newton than pay for play.  Him cheating in high school affects his academic eligibility. Him cheating at another college potentially does, if he was given credit for classes he didn't earn a credit in.  That also implicates the other college in the process.  I am not saying it happened this way; I am just thinking through the scenario.
In the end, this feels like someone somewhere is trying to make the current best player of our generation look a little less good.  Now, who would want that to happen?

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