Sunday, November 21, 2010

What We Learned - Week Twelve

It is a long way from Springdale to South Figueroa.
  • Mitch Mustain looks to get a start for Southern Cal with Barkley's injury.
  • SC will have to face Notre Dame and UCLA with their second string punter as their starting QB.
  • Somewhere Houston Nutt is smiling deviously.
It appears the magic is gone for Les Miles.
  • LSU won a game in a rather boring fashion, while running standard run/pass plays and taking the lead on a traditional touchdown with 44 seconds left.
  • They sealed it when the Tiger D had an interception.
  • No grass was eaten.
Virginia Tech will go to the ACC Championship game.
  • After a disastrous September, they have reeled off nine straight wins.
  • Their D is 16th in the nation in points allowed.
  • Yeah, that Boise State loss is looking less bad now, too.
The Big Ten is a mess, but in a good way.
  • Wisconsin, Michigan State and Ohio State are all one loss teams in the conference and on the season.
  • The conf rep to the Rose Bowl will be the highest ranked BCS team, if it ends with all three this way.  
  • Look for Delaney to openly advocate for two Big Ten teams in the BCS.

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