Monday, November 8, 2010

What We Learned - Week 10

The Eyes of Texas are now on Will Muschamp.
  • Losing to Oklahoma is not ok.  Losing to Baylor is disgusting.  Losing to Kansas State and Iowa State is firable.  Not that they'd fire Mack Brown.
  • Greg Davis, Longhorn o-cordinator is soon to be replaced by Major Applewhite. Davis is the focus of Longhorn fan discontent.
  • Last I checked, Davis isn't the coach of the unit that is giving up 39 points to Kansas State.
TCU is in way better shape than Boise State, at this point.
  • What a smack down by the Frogs in Salt Lake City.
  • It was September since a team scored in double digits on the Frogs.  
  • They have only scored under 30ppg once this season.  
The Hat is full of mirth and controlled mahem.
  • LSU's win over Alabama should quiet down those in Red Stick calling for the head in the hat. 
  • It should quiet some of the Saban worship by the Bham sports writers, but it won't.
  • I am not sure I can buy it, but Miles is starting to convince me that he is the puppet master and we all live in his world of frivolity.
November is the cruelest month.
  • South Carolina hosted Arkansas.  Hilarity did not ensue.  
  • Oklahoma looked like Iowa State in College Station Saturday night.
  • Michigan holds off Illinois as the Illini's last second shot clanged off the rim, or something.

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