Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unofficial Watching Party

If you are in Central Illinois and are interested in coming over to Casa de Exile, let me know.   We'd love to have you.

Kickoff is 2:30 our time, so anytime from 9 until 9 is fine with us.  We'll be around.


  1. The wife took the credit cards to Hilton Head and left me with the kids. I'm no where near this Central Illinois place you speak of, but if the kids have enough quarters in their piggy banks to pull together a full tank of gas...we're there!

    Go Dawgs!

  2. 600 miles northwest of Gwinnettica. Take I-75 to Chattanooga, I-24 from end to end, then I57 north until you find the house with the Bulldog on the porch and the flag flying.

    We'll keep the light on for you.

  3. You lost me at northwest...sounds a little too far away from the grit tree. Guess I'll just keep cramming corndogs down their gullets and make a bourbon run before they get home from school.

    If only I could find that piggy bank...

  4. The alternative directions are go to the barbed wire fence at the border with Canadia and come back this way a short piece.

  5. Come on Bernie.. You're already a lot closer than what me and BIE have to drive to get home. Only ten to ten and half hours. Load up the truckster and drive through the night.