Monday, November 22, 2010

To Tell a Different Story

I was careful not to put too much on the officials at the Georgia-SLU game the other night.  In the end, the foul totals matched pretty closely and Georgia actually took two more shots.

However, there were stretches when the A-10 officials were oblivious to the outright and overtly physical play by SLU's big men with Georgia players.  Think Nick Fairley, but tall white dudes.   Not that Georgia wasn't dishing it back at times, but there was one play where Connor Nolte took a swinging elbow to the face and the official merely looked at the play and shrugged, only stopping it because Connor was on the floor.

Now, word has come that Connor broke his nose in the game and will wear a mask.  Hey, it is easier to dominate a team when you are allowed to get away with stuff.  The calling got some better after Fox's technical, but not enough to keep Connor from having to wear a face mask for awhile.

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