Sunday, November 28, 2010

That Johnson Guy...

Just a snippet of Mark Bradley's Paul Johnson Love Club piece:
"Georgia had won and rendered itself bowl-eligible, but the lasting memory of this game won’t be of the Bulldogs and their escape: It will be of Johnson and his Jackets and how close they’d come with all their fumbling and without their No. 1 quarterback. It will be of the coach with the lesser players forcing the Bulldogs to the brink. If Paul Johnson can ever recruit similar talent on a consistent basis — admittedly, it’s a big if — Tech won’t wind up 6-6 again anytime soon."
Yeah, Tech won everywhere but the field, but if Richt isn't half the coach Johnson is, except for those pesky recruiting and not fumbling things.

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  1. Yeah, A Paul Johnson coached team who friggin "Quit" on a late touchdown run...A Paul Johnson "Coached" team who were doing pretty good on the dive play when UGA was not bringing LB pressure in the A gaps and then fall to throwing the ball, which they are so good at, instead of breaking off 10 yards runs to end the game. Yeah, he did a great job. That was a pathetic display of coaching and I would be enraged if Bobo did some crap like that!