Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday (well, Monday) Morning

After an 850 mile drive yesterday, a couple of thoughts that were mulling about in my head:
  • For as much F^&* Bobo I heard, I must be the only one that saw an offense that for the most part worked well, even with the best player on the field double covered.
  • Speaking of, Murray's inability to throw a touch pass to the sideline helped Florida out immensely.  
  • Wow, did Murray look like he did drank about six five hour energies pregame.
  • Regretfully, this is the game we've all feared we'd see from our RFresh QB.
  • Hopefully, this will be the one he spends the next two-three seasons making up for.
  • As for that, Bobo wasn't the one that failed to get his players ready for the Trey Burton/Time to Die show....
  • We saw Exhibt 49 in the Curious Case of Why Can't Georgia Defend the Left Sideline Pass.
  • The one hit on Bobo I can think of is not convincing his QB that his receivers are good enough to catch close enough passes. 
  • Oh, and not flooding the zone away from AJ when he started getting double covered.  
  • When a ball is fumbled, falling on it is never a bad play.  Trying to run with it without the handle is. 
  • While it is quiet solace, I was proud to see the team fight back instead of roll over.  Saturday around  5pm had all the makings of Knoxville circa '07.  It turned out to be a much, much better game.
I'll have more later, but those are the random thoughts I had after 14 hours with three kids in a mini-van.

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  1. Good post. I was expecting it to be less...lucid, if you will. For as much as that game sucked (I literally cried for 2 hours straight after), I can't really blame coaching. Aaron Murray has been damn near perfect this whole year. We knew at some point he was going to have a bad game. It just happened to come at the worst time. I can't be too upset with him because he showed sooo much heart in the second half, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think his turnovers cost us the game. Beyond that, I'm still very excited about his future as Georgia's QB.

    Other than that, Mark Richt said it best: this was really a game where one team had to lose. It happened to be us and that sucks because it was against Florida but someone had to win and someone had to lose. At least they lost honorably.