Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Morning

The Good:
  • Interceptions, receptions and repetitions, oh my!  I don't care that it was against Idaho State, two ints to the house is nice.  Brown, Troup and King all got significant looks and young guys got plenty of playing time.
  • Walsh with a 53 yarder.  He has had his moments this season, but nailing a career (tying) long FG is a huge confidence boost.  We'll need his head and leg again before the season is over.
  • Aaron Murray.  19/27, 3TDs.  Kept the game together when Georgia had an abject case of the dropsies in the first half.   
  • No letdown, no let up.
The Bad:
  • No nitpicking here, too many drops.  
  • Same thing, no excuse for giving up a sack to Idaho State.   They had nine coming into the game, including three in a loss earlier in the season.  They have had two games with no sacks.
No ugly that I can see.  Solid offensive and defensive efforts.  Like the ULaLa game, this is a game that past Georgia teams have assled around and let the other team stick around way too long.  Even during the frustrating first quarter, it was obvious Georgia was over matching and outplaying Idaho State.  


  1. Yeah, we are great against bad opponents. We have yet to beat a tem with a winning record.

  2. Agreed. I, like you, would love to see us lose to bad opponents.