Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Morning - It Never Gets Easier

I thought I'd feel better about this game after some time away from the computer.  I was wrong.

The Good:
  • Murray to AJ Green.  For one game, Bobo called as good a game as he has in his career as OC.  Nice mix of plays, Auburn was on their heels for much of the game.
  • The int by Rambo.  Wow, what a heads up play.  Too many times this season those types are incompletions.  
  • Running the ball.  Ealey and King combined for 97 yards on 15 carries.  Talk about making the most of your opportunities.
  • Aaron Murray being a warrior.  15 of 28, 273 yards, 3TDs.  All despite getting hammered time and again by the rush, both legally and (apparently not) still legally.
  • Pressure on Cam Newton.  He spent more time running out of passing plays (he only threw the ball 15 times) than I think Malzahn would have liked.  There were only two sacks, but Cam took off a lot before he had a chance to do his check offs.
  • Sussing out trick plays.  The Tigers seemed to call several trick plays.  The only one the Dawgs bit on was the onside kick.
  • Keeping their composure.  After Aaron went off, I expected the game to devolve into fisticuffs.  Only Auburn felt the need to throw punches.
  • Richt getting in the official's ear.  He needed to and did.  Some of what happened was pure bullshit, especially on a couple of the non-calls during Auburn's game icing TD drive.  
The Bad:
  • Failing to play assignment football.  Too many times, especially on the Auburn TDs, the Dawgs D bit on crap fakes.  Yeah, others have done so.  Yeah, often times the worse bite was by a Freshman safety, but not like they didn't see about 20 hours of film cut ups with those plays on them this week.
  • Lack of blocking.  I'm not going to get into it too much after the 11th game of the week, but too many times Aaron got hit.  
  • Inability at at least slow Newton down.  Yes, I know this was a below average game for him.  Maybe I'll feel better about it later.  Right now, I don't.
  • Failing to understand when taking a knee in the end zone is a positive expectation play.
The Ugly:
  • Allowing Auburn to have a successful onside kick.  It felt like the Sugar Bowl against West Virginia again.  
  • Early personal fouls.  Not sure where they were, since CBS didn't show them, but still.
I've been careful this year not to blame officials too much for stuff.  Tonight, the SEC should be as embarrased about the officiating as they should be about the handling of the Cam Newton investigation.  Shameful display by allowing the game to get out of hand the way they did.

Let me be clear.  Auburn had the better team last night.  No doubt about it.  However, allowing Fairley to get away with some of the hits he did nearly ended Murray's season.  Allowing the Auburn offensive line to make some of the blocks they did might have ended at least two Georgia defensive player's season.  Calling at least two bogus personal foul calls early only served to keep Georgia from playing the aggressive D they needed to do so to keep the game interesting.  Congrats SEC officials.

In the end, Auburn got one more stop than Georgia did.  Sure, the score said it was more, but that is the case. In the end, having a game changing player like Cam Newton available was the difference.


  1. Scoring 10 points in the last 45 minutes is not a good job. Arkansas St scored 26 on them. They give up an average of 25 points a game. No our OC is only average in a league which requires that you be better than average to be successful.

  2. We got outscored 42-10 in the final 3 quarters. 10 points in 3 quarters against that defense is pathetic, especially after proving in the first quarter that their secondary couldn't defend our wideouts AT ALL.

    Not blaming it on the O, just saying there still is an issue with coaching(Bobo). Don't give me this "we scored 30+ points again". Looked at who we've played during that stretch...and Auburn isn't much better than those teams defensively.

    As for the defense, you're not going to beat anybody when you allow six touchdowns on the opponents last seven possessions of the game.