Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Simple Answer for Jeff Schultz

I should know better, but when Jeff Schultz writes, I react.

He asked the rhetorical question: What are your thoughts on Todd Grantham's actions during the game winning FG try?

Jeff, he was thinking you are an idiot.

Seriously, I implore the guys at the AJC to fire this fool.  He is making your once proud newspaper even dumber than it already is.  For four weeks, Jeff has written one piece on Georgia doing things well, several pieces on Georgia doing things not well, nothing pointed on Urban Meyer's decision to play Rainey, but compares Todd Grantham to Woody Hayes?

To quote Dawgnoxious, I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire, unless I could piss gasoline.


  1. I wouldn't even waste pissing gasoline on him 'cause it's so dang expensive!

  2. The more Todd Grantham is around the more I love this guy! He is the man!!!

  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly..Schultz is an idiot and along with wishy-washy Bradley have brought AJC sports journalism to a state of mediocrity! I can only advire a coach with fire in his belly (CTG) ..and by the by, I escaped being a Bulldog in Exile by getting away from IU and returning to the Southland!