Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shorter Mark Bradley: Georgia Sucks

Using sure important metrics such as the number of times Tech football players get out of tickets and number of times Todd Grantham did the macarena to posit that Georgia is a bigger dud than the North Avenue Trade school.

He thinks the loss the Colorado is a worse loss than Tech's loss to Kansas.  I'd say losing to a team that got owned by a D1-AA team is always worse than losing to a randomly bad team.  I guess he forgot Tech has lost to two such teams this season.  Pay no attention to that Hokie in the corner.

I only write this to point out that Bradley is a no-talent hack who wears black and mustard gold yellow old gold Darth Vader underdrawers.  I get this is yet another of the hit monger parade, but lacking the intellectual honesty to evaluate the two programs to decide which is the bigger disappointment based on expectations and outcomes is...oh, why should I expect more?

Wonder what happened to the PAUL JOHNSON OMG1!1 metric?

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  1. Yeah, I usually try not to even give those AJC hacks the time of day but that article was so glaringly bad that I had to speak my mind and comment. Articles like that make me want to burn my journalism degree.