Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shocked. Shocked, I say!

"Just really disappointed in that," Chizik said. "That's a lot of reflection on us as coaches, and I'm embarrassed by it. That's not who we are. That's not the way we carry ourselves, and we will address it (Sunday)."
Gene Chizik thinks "that is not who we are," talking about the ejections. I'd say that is exactly who you are.  Nothing happened yesterday that hasn't been happening all season (or for that matter for several seasons) with Auburns offensive and defensive lines.

The irony of Georgia getting called for a chop block and a game opening personal foul were not lost on me.  I guess the officials were looking to make a strong statement.  Seems like they took their belt off to the wrong brother, as if to make a point to the other.

Gene Chizik can save his 'disappointment' for someone else.  When you foster a sense of us vs. The World, coupled with an atmosphere of headhunting, then the inevitable result is a 20 year old will take it upon himself to show The World he's man enough.  Sometimes he'll do that with his helmet, sometimes with his fist. 

He's right, it is a reflection of the coaches.  I suspect it goes higher than that.

At least Jerry Glanville had the intellectual honesty to own it.


  1. Pretty sure Chizik wasn't all that embarrassed. That was him jumping around and pumping his fist on the sideline, after the big dust up, right?

  2. I want 'Abuurn' to go all the way. Kill Bama, rout USC, feather the Ducks, win a heisman.....and then get the whole season taken away. Woosh! There were other folk I hate alot more than AU. Florida for example. Just ask my wife and N-laws for example. But the cheap shots at the end of the game? That won't be forgotten. Actually, I change my mind....Bama takes out Newton's knee with 2:00 minutes left, Bama 35 Newton 27.
    And then Cam has a heart to heart with Bishop Eddie Long. :0

  3. What do we really expect from Auburn? After all, they still consider the deadly, illegal, helmet-to-helmet assasination attempt by Junior Rosegreen on Reggie Brown to be a a highlight. They even named it "The Hit."

  4. Anonymous @ 1047, that comment's a bit over the top, but I agree with the sentiment. And the Eddie Long bit? Funny.

    Almost as funny as Chizik's laugher, "That's not the way we carry ourselves." Dude, it looks to the rest of the country that Chizik's fully embracing one of Auburn's most important traditions.

  5. i hope nick fairly dies from aids. i will piss all over his grave. die nick die

  6. I know we gave it our best effort but if we don't play more physical than the team in front of us, we'll lose every time. We're just not as physical as some of the teams that we've played. Things won't get better until we become an intimidating team. I do think we're capable however.