Thursday, November 11, 2010

SEC Coaches on Cam Newton

Some selected quotes from SEC coaches about the Cam Newton thing.*

Nick Saban - "Pimps are ruining college football."

Bobby Petrino - "We're just trying to win ballgames.  We've got a pretty good QB here, you know."

Gene Chizik - "I am focused on playing Georgia this weekend.  We have a very important game against Georgia and we play Georgia this weekend. Georgia."

St. Urban - "Anyone that knows us knows we take things like this seriously.  Cam was asked to leave because we only tolerate that kind of behavior from players that we think will help us with our goals."

Mark Richt - "There sure is a lot of noise about a converted tight end, don't you think?"

Joker Phillips - "Is that the animal we couldn't stop with the 1st Army in September?"

Les Miles - "Well, you know, green is a terrrific color and we always look to have solid alabaster geengobles for breakfast. You know."

Houston Nutt -"At least he ain't from Springdale. Giggity!"

Dan Mullen - "We told the SEC what the SEC told us to tell them.  Much later than we did when they asked us about our players when they asked us."

Steve Spurrier - "Is that what Steven said? Duffus."

Derek Dooley - "Hell, I'd paid him."

Robbie Caldwell - "When I was a boy in Pageland, we had a little baseball team.  Now, none of us could play until our chores were done, you know, the milking and chicken impregnating.  Pretty standard stuff.  Well, the best player on our team was a kid that was an only child, his name was Joey Mingo.  He could hit for power, pitch and catch.  At the same time.  Being an only child meant he had more chores to do than those of us with five or six siblings.  He also was the best ball player in all of the sandhill region by a far piece.

Now, we knew that we had no chance against the city kids from Chesterfield without Joey playing for us.  So we'd all hurry up, do our chores, and go help him do his.  Thay way we'd know we'd have him with us.

I wish we had a Cam Newton on our team now. Or Joey Mingo."

*not really

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