Sunday, November 21, 2010

Road Monkey is off Our Backs

Gutsy win for the Dawgs last night on the road against St. Louis University.  The Dawgs looked lethargic and uninterested in playing in the first half and trailed by 10 at the intermission.  SLU was unreal from the 3 point arc with 62.5% in the first half.

Georgia came out and played stronger in the second half, but it wasn't until Mark Fox got T'ed up for what appeared to be coaching about 2 minutes in that the Dawgs got their spark.  SLU took their lead to 44-30 on the shots, but the Dawgs began chipping away, going on a 13-0 run over the next 10 minutes with scrappy defense coupled with solid ball movement to get within one. 

SLU wasn't quite ready to go away and pulled back away by as many as five before Travis Leslie ignited the Georgia bench with a breakaway windmill dunk to get to within two.  At this point, Mrs. Bulldoginexile said "We've got them right where we want them."  How right she was.

Georgia took their first lead at the 40 second mark, then yielded a mid-range jumper to Jordair Jett to tie it with 22 secs left.  Georgia ran their last possession offense to perfection, getting a solid look at the basket by Gerald Robinson with plenty of help underneath.  Robinson fed Price with a perfect no look pass. Price was there for the layup with one second left.

Georgia wins 61-59.

A couple of observations:
  • Chaifetz Arena is a nice place to watch hoops.  It looked to seat a shade under 10k and ended up 3/4 full.  Even then, it was pretty loud and felt like the fans were pretty close to the action.
  • They served beer (Budweiser products, of course) in the arena.  That substantially upset the lawyer in my wife, who took the time to look up the NCAA regs on alcohol.  Apparently, there are no direct prohibitions, but the NCAA 'strongly encourages' member schools to prohibit sales and open promotion of drinking.
  • Speaking of, the pep band and cheer leaders did something I thought was a very cool, but further enraged the lawyer in the wife.  They played a choreographed rendition, on the floor during the last media timeout, of "Here Comes the King," Budweiser's well known jingle/polka while the signs and video screens in the arena had pictures of the various Bud products on them.  The student section joined in with "When you say Budweiser, you've said it all!"
  • The students were engaged and pretty funny with their chants.  They stood the whole game (mad props) and stayed in the players and few fans' ears the whole game.
  • However, to the one kid that kept yelling at me to 'sit down, old man,' I'd expect more from someone who's step-dad is paying 40K a year for college.  I told him so, much to the delight of the students in his section. I've heard better from Florida fans that are in their fifth year at Santa Fe Community College. Weak sauce, dude.
  • Great job coaching up the team by Fox.  The technical, if it was intentional, was a terrific spark.  He had the right personnel groupings going at the right times and managed the game very well.
  • I talked to Cindy Fox after the game.  She looked like a kid on Christmas morn.  She also was happy/relieved for her husband. 
  • Special thanks to the Ticket Whisperer's mom, who helped us with tickets.  We were in the players' family section and sat right behind the bench.  Awesome.
Overall, this was a win the Dawgs needed.  They won a road game against a scrappy, well coached, undermanned, but hot shooting team.  They did so without Trey Thompkins.  More importantly, they overcame their own mistakes and lethargy to put together a game winning run.  We move to 3-0 and on to Orlando for the Old Spice Classic, opening against Notre Dame on Thanksgiving night at 7pm on ESPN2.

Go Dawgs!


  1. It's St. Louis. They serve Budweiser at Church.

  2. I think she was more upset over some schools' over reliance on the NCAA regs to intimate that folks drinking hate kids, families and puppies.

  3. Must admit that it is rather exciting seeing us with a team that COULD win....rather than a team that we all know sucks

    Would love if we could make the NCAA tournament