Saturday, November 6, 2010

On the Nose

David Ching: finally someone from the media gets it right on Chokegate.

I have thought all along that TG's reaction was probably in poor taste.  Rex Robinson explained on Twitter that coaches should never direct comments to opposing players on the field of play, something I understand (and trust, given #5's history).  I never thought Grantham should have appologized,  been fined, suspended, fired, guillotined, or subjected to Jim Rome. 

I will say I love the Tech fans chiming in on Grantham's reaction and to the Georgia blogger's reaction to Josh Nebitt's injury.  By my count, no blogger and very few commenters have reacted in any way but either honest concern over the injury or dispassionate analysis of the impact the injury has on November 27th.   I've seen more Tech people reacting to any comment as 'classless', 'an extention of Grantham's behavior', or 'just thUGAish'.  Even when those comments are none of those things

Nearly any comment reacting in a joyful way about a player's injury is over the line.  I would also remind my brethren in mustard yellow gold old gold and white the abject lack of class in discussing both Bacari Rambo's injury last year and UGA's passing from the Tech partisans.  We can discuss some Georgia fans' lack of civility, something I would agree with on occasion.  However, Bulldog fans do not have the only franchise in classlessness.

One other thing: very few Dawg fans troll other team's boards looking to gig others.  Perhaps getting a hobby that doesn't involve computers, fantasy dress or Robert Heinlein worship is in order?

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  1. The bottom line is that we lost yet again and our D played average at best while numerous other teams shut down UF's O

    I wish TG would just shut up and fix it rather than doing it while his D is getting beat up and down the field