Monday, November 22, 2010

Mumme Poll Ballot

Top Team: Oregon

Next Nine (in alphabetical order):

Boise State
Ohio State
Oklahoma State
Michigan State

Also Considered: Nevada, Missouri, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Arkansas.

Never Considered: Utah.
  • Nebraska and Missouri have losses to fairly weak Southern Division teams (Texas and Texas Tech) and have another loss a piece.  Nevada lost to Hawaii. Virginia Tech lost to James Madison. Arkansas lost to Alabama and Auburn.  Alabama lost to South Carolina and LSU. Oklahoma lost to Texas A&M and Missouri.  In the end, I narrowed it to Alabama and Arkansas.  With the head to head, I picked Alabama.  I can see the other argument that Arkansas lost to two better teams, but I went with the head to head in Fayetteville as the kicker.
  • Utah has a horrendous loss to Notre Dame.  That is worse, to me, than Nevada's loss to Hawaii.
  • While this weekend should provide clarity, what am I going to do with a battle royale between Auburn and Alabama that the Tigers win?
  • Same thing for Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, if the Sooners win?.

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