Saturday, November 13, 2010

Live From....

Brad Lowe is the greatest picker to ever sing the blues.
The living room....
  • It is awesome to have another Dawg in the house.  
  • "Can't get into particulars, but he is our QB." #allinyall 
  • What is with the personal fouls?
  • Someone block.  Is Sereal's stock falling?
  • Mark Les Miles Richt! 
  • For 1000 years we can debate about Mike Bobo and Mark Richt play calling, but that was as good as it gets. 
  • YESSSSSSS!  Great play by the Dawgs. Chappas TD.  14-7. 
  • At this point, I will politely say that this is awesome.  21-7 Georgia.
  • Ouch.  Not the best defense from the Dawgs that series.  Bacari needs to remember his assignment and not worry about Cam.  Cam is someone else's problem on that play.
  • Nice sack! 
  • What's that, the 47th failed screen pass this year?
  • Need a stop here to lead at the half.
  • Oh, look. We're not the only on with a FB with a nine syllable last name. 
  • Watch for the onsid...nevermind. 
  • Hi. We're Georgia.  We just got owned.  Seriously.  How do you not have the onside kick discussion at half time?  TD Awwwwbuuuurn. 
  • Not sure if you noticed, but we just had a seven yard TD run. With a stacked D line. 28 all. 
  • Not happy with a FG, but will take it.  35-31, Auburn. 
  • With others.  Want the win, proud of the Dawgs with the way they've played.
  • My name is Auburn.  I blow out knees. YGTBFKM 
  • As hard as it is to take, Ogletree is a true Freshman.  #ouch. 
  • Now the officials are piling on?  
  • Awesome effort by the Dawgs.  Say what you want about them, but this was the effort we had hoped for all season.  Do this in SC, Arky, Miss State, Colorado and Florida, we are 9-1 or better. 
  • Oh, way to stay classy, Auburn.  I don't care if it brings the conference down, I hope you get the death penalty.

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    1. Amen to your last point! There is no punishment that would be harsh enough.