Friday, November 12, 2010

Is This Gonna Happen?

Other than snide comments and pointing fingers, I have intentionally stayed out of the Cam Newton thing.  First, I haven't really taken the time to evaluate the allegations, other than what I read on line.  Second, I didn't really think it could happen, at least not before the end of the season.  I mean, they've had this information for some time, at least from what it seems.

So, where are we?

The allegations didn't get legs until someone blabbed to the media.  Hey, I get Mississippi State not moving quickly.  Cam Newton decided to play at Auburn, not Mississippi State.  What I don't get is why this story has just now started moving.  Is this all new to the NCAA? The SEC?  Doesn't it seem both would have known since at least since the summer? Certainly MSU sandbagged a bit, even then, the conference had some notice of this since Jan and whatever the Bizzaro Dawgs gave them later since the summer.

If that is the case, as much as I hate to say this, Auburn should be held harmless, at least as far as the issue with Mississippi State goes.  Make no mistake about it, Cam Newton, if he and his father engaged in the behavior accused, will put Auburn in serious jeopardy of having to forfeit 10 wins, to date.  If Auburn did nothing wrong (which, I admit, sounds implausible), then it seems the lack of urgency by the conference and the NCAA has made both at least complicit in this shitshow. 

Seriously, if the SEC or NCAA sat on this, the hue and cry from the Auburn people will make 2004 seem like mere whimpering.

Imagine this, only bigger.

So, will the NCAA put Auburn on notice that Cam Newton might be ineligible?  Wednesday, I would have said no way.  Yesterday, I would have thought it possible, by the end of the year. Today, I don't know. It could happen before the game.

If they do, Auburn has a choice to make.  Until he is declared ineligible, Cam Newton can play, even if it means more sanctions later for Auburn.  At this point, if he is later declared ineligible, all the games played until this point are losses (or more likely vacated wins).  In that regard, the horse is out of the barn.  Nothing they do at this point will change the past 10 games.  So will they take the opposite course from what Mike Adams did with Georgia basketball, basically say we'll take our chances and if we end up 13-0 and have to give them up, we'll always have the memories, which can't be vacated?

Who knows?

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