Friday, November 19, 2010

I Love John Daly

You know why I love John Daly?  He doesn't give a shit about your 'healthy living' or 'social norms'. 

He is claiming his weight loss has hurt his game.  His golf game. 

You be the judge.
As a fat white dude, I love him for standing up for Krystals, pork skins and fried pie.  I just want to know what diet he is on that allows him to drink as much booze as he likes and lose that kind of weight.


  1. I believe it's the latest diet craze called crystal meth. Or it could be he just stopped consuming mass quantities of calories every day. Either way they'll both work.

  2. It isn't "cool" that Daly has abused his body to a point that he should probably be dead.

    He will PROBABLY die sooner rather than later b/c it WILL come back to haunt him

    Of course, I do not wish this on him.