Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hoops Dawgs Take Another Win

Fox's Hounds took a hard earned win from visiting Colorado last night 84-74.

A couple of observations:
  • Free Throw shooting has got to improve.  When you have 43 free throw opportunities, you should win by far more than 10 when the team isn't fouling to keep apace at the end of the game.  38% in the first half.  Not good.
  • Nice to see a couple of 15+ point scorers.
  • Awesome to see the team not fold when Travis Leslie fouled out with 3:29 left.  Leslie was leading the team in scoring when he left.
  • Foul trouble concerns me a bit.  On one hand, it is good to see aggressive defense, on the other, some of the fouls were the result of a lack of backside help and not getting into position in the zone.  
  • Price got 17 points in 17 mins.  Gotta figure out a way to keep him on the court more by staying out of foul trouble.
  • Conor Nolte put up 54 34 of the best minutes he could have.  He only had five points, but he played scrappy defense and took a charge later in the game that turned a potential Colorado run into a blip.
Next game is Saturday night in St. Louis against St. Louis University at 8pm Eastern.  Not sure about TV, but hey, I don't care.  I'll be at Chaifetz Arena to catch it live.

Go Dawgs.


  1. Nolte is the man...54 minutes in a 40 minute game ;). Neither win has been pretty but the fact we are winning without our best player says a lot. Looking forward to the rest of the year. Price is going to be even more effective when Thompkins returns and draws a ton of attention to himself.

  2. Thanks. Banged this out after driving back from Chicago to see the second half of the game, but before hitting hay.

    Funnily, when I read over it, I was struck by how much he played without thinking about it. He still lead the team in minutes, so I have that going for my feeble point.