Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hate Week

I am not one to get too wound up over the Georgia Tech game.  There are a myriad of reason for this, not the least of which is probably best summed up by the statement in the header of the blog right now.  While I absolutely want to beat Georgia Tech, I want to beat them in the same way I want to beat Kentucky or Vanderbilt or South Carolina.  I want to beat them because that is who we play the last weekend in Thanksgiving.

I have broken down my thoughts on geography and how it relates to which team you view as Georgia's biggest rival.  Being from South Georgia, our biggest rival has been and will always remain Florida.  I can see you hating Tech more if you grew up in Atlanta or are a business owner that caters to psudo-Klingon fantasy types, but for my money any of the big SEC match ups outweigh any hurt pride I might have over the occasional loss to Tech. 

That being said, I fully subscribe to Hate Week itself.  I have some very close Tech friends, ones that I know I can openly gig and will openly gig me (well, two of them have only seen Tech win once since they were in high school).  This week, it is on.  I made my five year old change clothes the other day because she was wearing black pants and a mustard gold old gold yellow shirt.  As cute as she was, not in my house, not this week.  Same thing for watching one of my kids favorite movies, The Bee Movie.  Might as well let them watch the 2001 British Open and give them mustard gold old gold yellow pom-poms.

They need to learn now that coffee is for closers. 

Thankfully, I get to be there and can revel in the joy of being in Athens on game day.  I might not care about Tech that much for 51 weeks a year, but this week, I care very much. 

Go Dawgs!

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