Thursday, November 11, 2010

Five Questions

  1. Will Aaron Murray have to run for his life or have the game of his life? It is rare to have the type of player that Nick Fairley is on the field, yet be so mediocre on defense.  I am not saying that he isn't a game changer, but let's be clear, Auburn has only held one team to fewer than 10 points all season and that was ULaLa.  Against Mississippi State, Kentucky, Arkansas, and South Carolina, they allowed 14, 34, 43, and 27 respectively.  Georgia held those four to 24, 31, 31, and 17.  Furthermore, they are behind Georgia in sacks, yet giving up a ton more yardage passing.  Auburn has faced nearly 120 more passing attempts than Georgia, but has one fewer sack and four fewer interceptions.  I expect to see Aaron get hit and them some, but I also hope Bobo will roll him out, use screen passes to keep Fairley honest and give Green about 20 looks.
  2. How many times will Georgia run the ball? Georgia has to control the clock.  Georgia can do that without running the ball.  Not to say we don't have to show run some, but I am ok with misdirection passes, toss sweeps and bootlegs, as well.  Mix in the trickery with AJ and BSmith and I see 25 times.  Yes, we'll test the middle.  Yes, I'll probably get drink throwing upset over run plays into stacked lines. We cannot afford to think we'll just run the ball down Auburn's throat in order to win.  Winning the time of possession by seven minutes is only important if we are at least one point ahead on the score.
  3. Will this be the week someone figures out how to stop slow down Cam Newton? I don't have hope in this area.  Georgia has been abysmal for some time at QB contain.  Ask Chris Rief, who had his only 100+yrd rushing game against the Dawgs.  For my money, we bring the house, have a linebacker headhunting Cam and single cover, with one safety back on the receivers.  Rinse and repeat.  Basically, the Tim Tebow package, except Georgia never ran that against Tebow. 
  4. Any chance Georgia can make this like the South Carolina or Mississippi State games and keep it close, but lower scoring? Auburn has only been held under 30 points twice, against Mississippi State and LSU.  In those games, Newton had his worse passing games.  While I hope Georgia can score at will on Auburn, I actually like our chances in a 24-21 game more.  If that is the case, that means we have slowed Auburn down, made them try to beat us with the pass and have succeeded in stopping them.
Bonus Question: I have to ask, does Cam Newton play on Saturday?

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