Thursday, November 4, 2010

Five Questions

  1. Can we let Georgia-Florida dominate the mindset? I mean this as fans and as a team.  Yes, losing to Florida was a manhood robbing made to dress like Tinkerbell experience, especially considering the expectations.  My personal belief is that Florida is and will continue to be a different team with the Demps/Burton/Time to Die combo and when they finish winning the East and giving Auburn all they can handle in the SECC, we'll all look back and think 'what if'.  However, no matter how bad Idaho State is (and they are bad), Georgia and our fans cannot just show up and half-ass it on Saturday. 
  2. Will we let chokegate get to us? For whatever reason, there are fans upset with Grantham over it.  Hey, I get that it wasn't appropriate, but it isn't Woody Hayes like; it isn't comparable to Nazi tactics; he isn't Osama bin Grantham (with a nod to The Senator).  Will those fans boo the first time we see an Idaho State first down?
  3. Will Richt allow the horses to run?  On paper, this should be a bigger win than the ULaLa game.  I'm not saying we have to run up the score.  I am not saying we should run up the score.  However, if we see Mason handing the ball to Thomas all the forth quarter, I'll be a tiny bit disappointed.  Give Mason the throwing reps.  Let Murray get a couple of series with Brown and King and Troupe.  There is a line between an intentional beat down and giving your young guys reps.  Of course, if Richt does this, John Clay will repudiate his citizenship and take up something more civilized like Aussie Rules.
  4. Will our fans show some class? I am scared of the first series.  If the Dawgs go three and out, I worry about the boo birds.  If Idaho State scores early, I am desperately afraid of it turning ugly. 
Bonus Question: Can we pitch a shutout?

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