Friday, November 26, 2010

Five Questions for Hate Week

As I hit the road, five questions for the game tomorrow night.
  1. How much has the defense progressed in assignment football? Tech is looking to move the ball in chunks of yards running it every which way.  Georgia has had trouble stopping misdirections and figuring out who to tackle, issues that didn't start this season, but were exacerbated by having a new scheme to figure out.  While Tech doesn't have much of a passing game, it is incumbent on the safeties to suss out the run and provide coverage on anybody slipping out for a naked screen, the one pass play that Tech does consistently run.  Also, having the LBs jam the middle and keep Tevin Washington looking for a pitch so he only gets hit by one guy is huge.  Under no circumstances should Washington get outside without a body being put on him.  Tech will win time of possession and will score some, but if they take 22 plays and nine minutes to do so, then so be it.  We don't want to let them come out and break off 8 yards per carry.  At 3.6 yards per play, you are only one play from getting a stop; at 8 yards per carry, you'll never get a stop. 
  2. Will this be Mike Bobo's last game as OC? I'm reserving judgment for now if it should be, but I believe a lot more than a bowl game and pride is resting on the offense this week.  Tech is a respectable 41st in passing defense (yardage allowed), but to the two best passing teams in the ACC, NC State and Duke, Tech gave up 300+yards per game.  Neither the Wolfpack nor the Blue Devils have the QB or receivers Georgia does.  If we establish the passing game and then give up on it and let Tech back in the game, it won't be good for Bobo.  If he finds a few things that work and sticks with them, there is reason to believe things will be fine.  Score your points and let Todd Grantham worry about time of possession and what Tech scores.
  3. How much will turnovers play a factor in the outcome? Tech is dead even on TO margin on the season.  What strikes me is that they have thrown five ints, but with only 139 attempts.   For comparison sake, Murray has six in 285 attempts.  Getting a pick or pick six in this game will be huge.  Not giving Tech a short field to work with will be too, as they have more options if they have four downs.  They have attempted on 4th down more (34) and converted more (19) than any other team in the nation.  Keep them in third and long and on a long field where the risk-reward is very steep will be huge.
  4. Will this be Justin Houston and AJ Green's last game in Athens? Both have had very strong seasons.  Both will be playing to leave a lasting impression on Georgia fans.  Both will look to step it up and make some magic happen on Saturday in Athens.
Bonus Question (s): How many times will Bradley/Schutz call Johnson a genius if Tech wins? Richt one if Georgia wins?

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