Sunday, November 28, 2010

Few Thoughts Before Hitting the Road

  • If you can't get the right play call on the one inch line without calling a timeout, I am not confident in your ability to be OC.
  • Kept expecting an onside kick from Georgia, but I forgot, we don't do that trickery crap.
  • Great win for the seniors.  Very fitting AJ had the game he did and Justin Houston sealed it with the int.
  • I'd never seen the Florida Flop performed before.  It almost worked.
  • You knew Tech would get their yards.  I just didn't think it would be so much and over and over in the middle.
  • Looking back on that statement, I realized just how not smart it was of me to think that.
  • It is always better to beat Tech than not.
  • Is it me, or was I the only one that would expect Georgia to go deep early and often?
  • Finally, the Dawgs did enough at the end (despite trying not to) for the win.
One last thing, I don't think I have been as frustrated as when we drive down on three or four passes to AJ, then the next drive we start by doing two TB dives.  Just frustrating.

Hitting the road for the long drive back.  More later.


  1. I just don't understand how Bobo can be questioned at all.... We scored 35 points (plus a defensive TD). We have had an unprecedented run of scoring this year. We may have scored more points than any team in Georgia history. It is the OC's job to put points on the board, period. It the number one stat and he has simply done it better than anyone (perhaps) in Georgia history this year. Not liking some of the play calling is perhaps fair, but seriously... We have to run it sometimes for play action to work. Here is why I think Bobo is and has been excellent:

    1). The man knows how to score points and more often than not, we score a lot of them.
    2). He coaches our quarterbacks. Last time I checked our QB was pretty good. Even our true frosh Mason has looked good.
    3). Our offensive line has under performed. They seem weaker, and more prone to error this year than last. These are the same players, just regressing. Sure Bobo is overall responsible for that too but he has found a way to compensate for it.
    4). We don't have a big time rb on campus. Still we find a way to make people bite on the PA fake. That comes from actually running the ball and finding a way to do it effectively.
    5). For this that think we should line up in the shotgun and forget about the run like we are playing a game on the Xbox... The cornerstone of our offense is getting lb and safety bites on PA to make gaps. It all comes together in a bigger strategy. In fact, look at the auburn game. When we went to the pass on every down mode on them, we discovered that we could not block them... And Murray got knocked out of the game to boot.
    6). I believe the anti-bobo tilt is simply irrational. The issue is our defense. That has been the issue for the past 4 years. So after dumping a bunch of money on that problem, we found out that coaching change wasn't the quick fix a lot of folks thought it would be. Maybe that will work out eventually, but we need some better, smarter, faster, and stronger players to make it so.

    Love your blog, I am a daily reader.... Just couldn't let it go this am.... :-)


  2. We won and that is good but we had the same problems that have plagued as the last few years. Not much has changed this year

    We won't win any titles making these embarrasing mistakes