Sunday, November 14, 2010

Did he watch the same game?

"Make no mistake: Auburn was the better team. But Georgia had a chance here, and its coaching failed. Same as in Jacksonville. Same as in Starkville. The same thing, again and again."
I'm not gonna dare link Mark Bradley here, but WTF?  Has it gotten so bad for the AJC that they just type bullshit into a random column generator to get Richt=out coached just to get hits?  (Yes)

Lots of bad stuff happened Saturday that resulted in Georgia getting out done by Auburn.  They got out thuged. They got out talented. They got out officiated.

They did not get out coached.  Tucker should take his computer back and throw it out the window.  Ask Cam Newton how to do that.

Wait, he wasn't available.

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  1. I said as much on Bradley's blog page. Check out the comments, page 5.