Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

So Texas officially is the biggest disappointment of the season at 5-7.  Now, Mack Brown has decisions to make.  One you can bet he won't make, at least without a push, is to retire. 

So that leaves other places to make decisions about.  One place that he won't is on defense.  Defense was the cornerstone of the Longhorns, ranking 51st in scoring D this year.  Wait, 51st?  I guess when you offense is in the upper 80's, that looks pretty good.  Turnover margin was 116th, gaining 18 turnovers, while losing 30.

That leaves Greg Davis as the odd man out.  You could make the argument that injuries and untimely turnovers/penalties were the buggaboo, but in the end, there will be blood.

He might want to call Mark Richt to discuss how to manage that process.


  1. I must be a little confused. I was thinking that the whole coach in waiting thing was at least partially of Mack Brown's doing. More of a way to transition to retirement, and not just a ploy to keep Muschamp. I understand ego bringing him back now, so that he can go out a winner (see Brett Farve).

  2. I think it is both. Unless he lost the team, which I don't think he has, or Will just says I am out of here, which I don't think he will, Mack will be back. The coach in waiting thing is only as good as the guy you have waiting's resolve and patience.

  3. Mack is not going to be fired. The fans wanted greg davis out before Vince Young but Mack is so stubborn he will not get rid of him unless he is forced to. Same thing happened with his first DC. All before VY.

    They are recruiting a good running back which they believe will solve their problems. I am not a Muschamp fan but the offense left him in a lot of bad situations so his defense got tired.