Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dallas Cowboys - Coach Needed

Will the Saban Crimson Tide Line at Armani soon be discontinued?
So would Nick Saban go to the NFL to coach the Dallas Cowboys?

  • Jerry Jones would give him more money than God.
  • He'd also give him more control over stuff than God.
  • The opportunity to do with the Cowboys what he has already done with 'Bama.  That is bring the championships and tradition back.
  • Opportunity to show that Miami Saban was 'just jokes, y'all.'
  • He'll be worshiped by a higher class of rednecks.
  • Beating out Urban Meyer in something again.
  • He'll be dealing with above the table professionals and the pimps will be his pimps.
  • Doesn't have to deal with people stealing his likeness for political purposes. 
  • He still won't have more power than Jerry Jones.
  • He won't have the written and verbal felation from Paul Finebaum and Kevin Scarbinski. 
  • Will have less talent next year than if he stays at Alabama.
  • Answers to one redneck with more power than God, as opposed to several hundred thousand with just a little power.
  • Cocktails with Roger Goodell.
  • Possible appointment to the NFL Coaches to regulate agents and pimps in the college game committee.
  • His hair will be unfavorably compared to Jimmy Johnson's, and never will be as spectacular as JJ's.
Any I miss on either account?

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