Friday, November 5, 2010

And Just Like That

November 27th got hugerer.  Josh Nebitt got hurt and is likely gone for the regular season against Virginia Tech last night. 

With games against Miami and Duke yet to go, Tech and Georgia could play in Athens for a bowl game.  Loser goes home.  Tech is currently 5-4, so presumably a win over Duke would get them eligible. 

Not to say Tech still can move the ball, but with Washington running the offense, Tech didn't do anything last night until the fourth quarter and only after Washington started throwning the ball some.  Some being relative, he only had seven attempts and two completions.  Tech ended up with 430+ yds in offense, with over 200 of those after Nesbitt got injured.  Washington is no slouch, but he won't be confused for a presumptive former purported Heisman candidate, either.

Either way, a game that looked difficult, considering Georgia's struggles against the run, looks a lot less so now.


  1. For some reason that game scares me more now. I think it's our history of playing down to opponents. Everytime I think things are set up for us to b*%@!slap someone with our right hand while the left opens up another beer...we piss around and let a couplah engiNerds run for 950 yards a Sanford.

    But, I'm sure by kickoff on Nov 27th I'll be "energized" enough to feel confident again.

    Lord, please let this one be a night game. Herschel Hoage and Hallelujah. Amen.

  2. Ah, yes. The prayer of the Bulldog faithful.