Saturday, November 13, 2010

All Quiet on the Western Front

As the story continues to seep out, nothing on him playing has come out as of yet.  He boarded the bus, went to the hotel in Montgomery, and will presumably be at the Tiger walk in about four hours.

So where are we?

Well, WSB is reporting Cecil Newton has admitted to talking money with Mississippi State, but no one else.  And Cam didn't know.  Neither did Cam's mom.

The key:  Does the NCAA or any other investigative body believe it?  It certainly looks like Cecil Newton is working hard to preserve his son's legacy and keep his family out of an increasingly sorted affair that might end up with more personal repercussions than having Cam's pictures eventually taken down from Auburn's football complex.
"Winne’s source, who acknowledged sympathies on the Newton side of things, said the player and both parents have demonstrated a willingness to cooperate with the NCAA, beyond even the financial records turned over by the family, and from churches Cecil Newton oversees."
At this point, it looks like the NCAA might be a less worrisome acronym than some others that have been thrown around, at least for the Newton family and those close to them.  The problem with any secret is that only one person can keep it.  Especially if that secret can get you in hot water with the law for complicity, or worse, furthering the actions of something.  Then it is only a matter of time before someone starts looking to protect themselves. 

I would add Mark Winne to that list Paul Westerdawg came up with of people you don't want showing up on your doorstep. 

Do you have a minute to talk?
For a longer, but more directed treatment, see Senator Blutarsky's commentary Camgate: something new every day at (November 13, 2010).  That's Blutarsky at

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