Monday, October 4, 2010

What We Learned - Week Five

Georgia Tech is lucky they play in the ACC.
  • I thought this last week with their loss to NC State and think it even more now with the win over Wake.
  • Nesbitt for Heisman might get a little pub now that he has a comeback win. 
This is Alabama's world, we just play football in it.
  • I honestly thought it might be closer than it was, but Florida was completely exposed on Saturday.  
  • Ingram will get a second Heisman, unless he gets hurt.
  • That what's his name QB for Alabama is pretty good.
  • No word on if Tebow cried again.
Colorado is a great place to watch football.  Colorado fans don't match the scenery.
  • Boulder is a beautiful town with awesome people in it.
  • Folsom is a cute little stadium, with a third of the seats reserved for students, who show up at the start of the 2nd quarter.  
  • When your best taunt (especially considering...) is "f&*k Georgia in the #ss" you just suck.  Or you have a fetish.  Or both.
  • Mad props to Pasta Joe's Pizza though.  If you are ever in Boulder stop by.  Good pie.
Ohio State is a one player team.
  • I don't think Illinois is better than Miami, but they sure played the Buckeyes tough.
  • With Pryor gone for those plays, even the Buckeye players thought the game was over.
Texas is rebuilding.
  • Oklahoma is good, but not great. 
  • Texas is ok, not good.
  • The Big 12 is Oklahoma's to lose.
The Pac-10 is as much a one team conference as the SEC.
  • Winning with violence and determination is great, but you still need better athletes to win 12.  Stanford is pretty good, but not there.
  • Oregon is the clear leader in the Pac-10.
  • My money is on 'Bama and Oregon in the BCS national championship game, right now.

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