Monday, October 25, 2010

What We Learned - Week Eight

Cam Newton is going to win the Heisman.
  • Too much publicity and a number one ranking.  He's leading the number one team. Tommy Tuberville and Urban Meyer just threw up in their mouths.
  • Imagine Ryan Mallett running the football. Or Jeremiah Masoli sober.
  • Glad to see Gary Danielson has a new crush.
The Muschamp era might begin next year at Texas.
  • Storm clouds are gathering for Mack Brown.  The paisans are ready for a change in Austin, just to illustrate that Georgia fans aren't the craziest.
  • "You just don't lose to Iowa State."  Except in this case, Texas never had.
  • Baylor is ranked.  Texas is not.  The Bears will be favored in Austin this week.
  • Thinking of it, did the offense give up 28 points to the Cyclones?
Oregon is the team getting rogered by the BCS, not Boise State.
  • They have been second place in the BCS, had the top team lose twice, and are still second place.  All while winning convincingly.
  • The computers love some SEC teams, don't they.
  • At least the Ducks moved up a couple of spots in the computers.
Notre Dame is not back.
  • Navy has won 3 of the last 4.
  • When you hear "The Irish just doesn't have the speed to keep up with Navy," you just cringe/laugh.

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