Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things We Learned This Week

The SEC East is the new SEC West.
  • Up is down, down is up. Cats sleeping with dogs.  Mass hysteria.
  • I promised my self I wouldn't talk about Atlanta, but just look at the standings and tell me I'm wrong.
Auburn is very, very good.
  • We can joke about Chizik, and I do, but his team is playing pretty good.
  • But for one laptop out the window, Cam Newton would be the next Tim Tebow.  As it is, he is on pace to make TGCPE's sophomore season look pedestrian.  Say three Hail Timmys and call me in the morning.
  • Gus Malzahn has been waiting his whole career for a player like Newton.
  • We'll find out if defense wins championships, because Auburn has a ways to go.
Oklahoma has been content to play the silent but deadly game.
  • Most were content to disregard the Sooners due to their new players, especially with all the Nebraska love.  
  • Nebraska might lose two more games.  The Sooners look to run the table.
  • Of course, I just jinxed them.
Kentucky scares me.
  • They seem to have the tools to score from anywhere on the field.
  • The upside is they aren't the best against the run, but that cuts two ways.  The other is the maddening propensity to run because 'that was what we thought would work' when obviously it doesn't or won't.  Like into a seven man front.  With your 169 lb scatback.

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