Sunday, October 10, 2010

Team Meeting?

While it wasn't what I was hoping, it was good to see Boss Bailey call the team out pre-game. 

Said AJ Green:
“It touched me real deep. He had tears in his eyes. His voice was just cracking, the way he has so much passion about Georgia football. We came out here and did it for him.”
Look, you can say what you want about real or fake juice.  You can complain about motivation and it having to be internal.  I beleive part of this team's malaise has been a lack of internal fire.  AJ can't do it; he lacks the moral imperative.  Aaron can't, yet, he's a RFresh.  I keep expecting Ben Jones or 'Keem Dent to close the doors and do it.

Absent that, I'll take Boss doing it. 


  1. So since this is what it takes to win, who's going to do it next week? Or when we play Flarduh, Auburn, Yech?

    Can we get Knowshon or Herschel? Maybe they can get our still non-existent running game going.

    If they can't learn to get it together themselves without tears from a former Dawg reminding them that losing to freaking Colorado (who got shut out by Missouri last night btw) is unacceptable then i doubt we will for the remaining big games on the schedule.

  2. Hopefully, this will be an example that can be repeated internally. Hey, we beat Tennessee. I'll fret over next week next week.

    It was nice to be reminded of how well they can play, though, right?

  3. This is what I am reminded of :

    Who is Georgia's running back ?

    # 9 Scoring Offense in SEC
    # 8 Total Offense in SEC
    # 6 Pass Efficiency in SEC
    # 9 Sacked in SEC
    # 8 Third Down Conversion in SEC
    # 9 Fourth Down Conversion in SEC
    # 9 Red Zone Turnovers in SEC
    # 8 Red Zone Touchdowns in SEC
    # 9 Touchdowns Scored in SEC

    Who is going to call the plays to get our Offense even reasonable ?

    # 7 Auburn 6-0
    # 8 Alabama 5-1
    # 9 LSU 6-0
    # 10 So Carolina 5-1 # 12 Coaches
    # 12 Arkansas 5-1 # 13 Coaches
    # 22 Florida 4-2

    How is a 2-4 Starting QB, losing 15 seniors and 4-5 juniors after this 2010 season, going to get Georgia ranked when we have not been ranked in two (2) years in a row, and frankly beat no one 2010 at all with 4 losses, no one 2009 except # 13 Georgia tek with 5 losses, no one 2008 at all with 3 losses, no one except the 4-loss Florida team # 14 in 2007 and a loss to 6-6 South Carolina, no one in 2006 except # 9 Auburn with 4 losses.

    11-11 vs SEC East for all of 2006 2007 2008 2009 & 2010

    Who, indeed, since CMR says what he does pre-game is to make sure the players do not play their music too loudly, is going to motivate The Bulldogs to do what they need to do against poor teams like Colorado who LOST 26 to NOTHING in last night's game, and like vs Florida we are 2-7 vs ?

    9-4 run the table ?

    Based on beating hapless vols ?

    I will take a piece of that action.