Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Morning

The Good:
  • Washaun Ealey's running.  Ah, there's the guy we remember from the end of last season.  Certainly, this is earlier than it was last season, so there is that.  28 runs, 157 yards, 5tds. 
  • Creating turnovers.  Some turnovers are lucky.  Some are made.  On at least two occasions, they were made.  This is what Grantham was talking about when he discussed making breaks this past summer.  
  • Aaron Murray.  On more than one occasion he when to the fourth option on his progressions before doing anything with the ball.  He ended up with a very pedestrian 9/12 and no real runs, but he showed plenty of maturity in the pocket.
  • Brandon Boykin.  You knew it was going to happen.   100 yard TD return.  Now, if we could only teach him to catch punts....
  • Play calling in the second half.  You know you thought Bobo would only run the ball on the last TD drive.  I thought that was all he'd do, as well.  Instead, he mixed in a couple of possession type of passes that we've been lacking. 
  • Solid run defense.  Kentucky ran the ball 31 times for 70 yards and no TDs.  Now, that is change I can believe in.
  • Akeem Dent's play.  15 tackles, including one for loss.  Is he going to be defensive player of the week honors before Justin Houston does?
  • Speaking of Justin Houston, his five tackles were huge.  2.5 sacks, 3.5 tackles for loss. He forced a fumble and recovered it, too.
The Bad:
  • The pass defense.  Hartline was 27/43 with 353 yards with 4 TDs and an interception.  Only Mallet had a better day against the Dawgs.
  • The second half defensive effort, in general.  Bend, don't break, isn't the way to put away teams that are just a little bit better than Kentucky.  Kentucky had drives of 34 (interception in the endzone), 66 (TD), 79 (TD), 59 (TD) on Kentucky's first four possessions in the second half.  
  • Carlton Thomas up the middle.  I love Carlton.  He runs with energy.  He hits holes.  He isn't afraid to block guys that out weigh him by 125+ lbs.  Simple physics dictates that those same guys stand a very good chance of stuffing him, unless they are moved out of the way in the middle.
  • Ummm, place kicking.  Happily, Blair got one at the end of the game a confidence builder. 
The Ugly:
  • Long pass plays.  Four TDs off four blown coverages.  Three over 20 yards.  There is a common factor on all four TDs. 
Being honest, this is a game that we had well in hand due to defensive play early, then the defense allowed Kentucky to come back and get into the game.  The upside is that in the past two or three seasons, this is the type of game that Georgia might find a way to lose.  They didn't, thanks to a strong run game and solid special teams play.

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  1. The two touchdowns on Vance Cuff weren't on "Blown Coverage." They were on a kid getting outplayed. He slipped at the goal-line, and the receiver sprained his knee making the turn-and-jump to make the catch. On the 2nd TD on Cuff, he was guilty of holding, then didn't make a good play on either the ball or the man. That's not blown coverage. That's a kid getting beat.

    He was in the right place, and didn't make the play. It happens. He also dropped a pick in the endzone which would have prevented their final TD.

    Cuff had a bad night. No two ways about it.