Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Morning

Strangely, the air was fresher this morning.  The sun was brighter and my head didn't hurt nearly as much as normal.  Whadda day of football!

Congrats to UGA VIII on his first win.  Thanks to Russ for stepping in.

The Good:

  • 140 yards total defense for the 'Dores.  Yeah, I'll take that.
  • 1 for 11 on third down.  I'll DEFINITELY take that.
  • 547 yards total offense from the Dawgs.
  • Winning and big without relying on AJ Green to be the primary receiving threat.  That T. King was one of Murray's targets is a bonus in this point.
  • Getting the Washaun Ealey that runs with purpose back on the field.  I know I wasn't the only one holding my breath on all of his carries.
  • Carlton Thomas not running in the middle of the line.  Also, very nice run on his first TD.  Very nice.
  • Aaron Murray: 15 of 24, 287 yds, 2TDs, 6 rushes for 36 yards.  Ho hum.
  • Also, Murray's presence of mind in feeling the rush and getting rid of the ball. 
  • Sanders Cummings' Int=nice play.
  • Defensive line getting a push.
  • Pitching a shutout.  To put that into perspective, LSU allowed 3pts and only five fewer yards than Georgia did.  
  • Welcome back Drew Butler.
  • Coach Richt getting on the player flagged for the personal foul on Butler's punt inside the 5.
The Bad:
  • Burning two timeout in the first five minutes of the game.  It still baffles me that we cannot get the right personnel groupings.  On both sides of the ball.
  • Sideline passes on the left side.  This one is a bit nitpicky, but Brandon Barden's long catch in the first is just Exhibit 22 in the curious case of Georgia Cannot Handle Sideline Patterns on the Left Side.  
I'm sure I'll have more later, but enjoy it Bulldog fans.  The Dawgs put together two dominating performances in a row, against SEC East opponents.  Now, on the Lexington where the competition gets better.


  1. As Exilus Maximus and I discussed yesterday, I think people are making way too much out of this time out thing considering UGA won, 43-0. least Dantzler and Butler were. Don't give me the Jimmy, you don't understand bit...I've actually been on a sideline as a coach; not to the level as Richt, by far. But more than most. That's the reason you have timeouts; to fix those things. You can't keep them in your pocket. If UGA had burned timeouts early and blown it, I would understand. Timeouts are "life lines." Consider them as such.

  2. not to correct you but I think it was 3 time outs in the first 6-7 minutes.