Friday, October 8, 2010

'Stache Out the Vols

Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity at Georgia is hosting their second 'Stache it out for Tennessee tailgate this weekend.  It grew out of deep respect for Jonathan Crompton's awesome pedostache.  And mountain women.

Do I make you randy?
Stop by Meyers Quad and pick up your very own fake 'stache for the game and compete in some of the games.  There will be other activities in Athens tonight at JRs Baitshack on Jackson.

Women in orange are expressly forbidden by rule to participate.


UPDATE: Now with art:

(h/t Berryfine)

Stacheing it out.

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  1. You know this started because my friends ordered 100 'staches not realizing that they came in packs of like 50 or something? I should post my pics from the last one. It was awesome. And my friends 'staches have been growing all week despite requests from their bosses to shave them because they are scaring the clients...