Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reason for Hope

I don't know if you have noticed, and based on the number of people talking about it, you haven't, basketball is about to get rolling.  The macabre among us are touting this as a nice diversion for football.  I see it as a cool thing.

After several years of sucky basketball, this past season gave us some reason for hope and some reason for apoplexy.  Now, we are about to see what Fox's Hounds 2.0 will be. 

Last season, the culture of under-performing was exorcised.  Now, the focus will be on to performing consistently to the talent level and scheme.  Do that and you make a run.

One thing I like about Trey Thompkins coming back is what he brings to the leadership table:
“I wanted to leave my stamp as a guy who was a winner and as a guy who wanted to create something great and who was part of something that changed at the university.”
With Thompkins, Gerald Robinson, Dustin Ware, Marcus Thornton, Travis Leslie and Jeremy Price, this is a pretty good ball team.  The Dawgs will lack sufficient depth to make a deep run into the NCAA tourney, but they will have enough talent on the court to challenge for the SEC East.   Yes, Kentucky will still be the team to beat, but on any given night, this team will challenge any other team in the conference. 

Coach Fox will shed the abysmal road albatross.  Last season the Dawgs were 0-11 on the road.  While they won't be 11-0 this season, but they certainly will be at or above .500 on the road.  Do that and win the home games they should, plus sneak up on a couple of people at home, you are looking at 20+ wins.  That is a long way from 14-17.

Build some excitement and get people at the games, winning those sneak up games gets a lot easier.   Crowds matter in basketball.
"Thompkins, who was sharing the interview room with Georgia football players Tuesday, provided another hint of what is about to unfold.
He gestured toward the football Dogs and said, “They’re going to be coming to our games now”
Basketball is going to be huge this season.  Avoid the rush and start showing up to these early games. 


The Dawgs tip off against Augusta State in an exhibition match on 11/4, with the actual season tipping off against Mississippi Valley State on 11/12.

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