Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mumme Poll Ballot

My Ballot for this week:

Top Vote: Oregon

Other nine (in alphabetical order):
Boise State
Florida State
Michigan State

Also considered: Alabama, Arizona, Utah, Ohio State, Missouri, Wisconsin.
Never Considered: Nebraska, West Virginia, Iowa, Kansas State, Oklahoma State

  • I really struggled with one loss Alabama, one loss Wisconsin, one loss Florida State, and one loss Stanford.  If you look at who those teams' losses are to, one stands out as a worse loss than the others.
  • This just keeps getting harder and harder.  I don't have nearly the time a coach does to do a ballot.  Wait, I do, but my vote doesn't matter to anything.
  • Legitimately, I was ok with stopping at seven or eight.  Not that there aren't others that don't deserve to be ranked, but that there are probably three or four that really stand out and about 10-12 that are in that next tier.  In that regard, I liked last year's balloting much better.

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