Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mumme Poll Ballot

My Mumme Poll Ballot this week:

First Pick:

Rest of the picks:
Boise State
Michigan State
Ohio State
South Carolina

  • Also Considered: LSU, Nebraska, Stanford, Arizona, Oklahoma State
  • Never Considered: FSU, Missouri, Iowa
  • It wasn't that hard to decide who was the top, but narrowing it to just nine more was a bit more difficult.  
  • It came down to Arkansas vs. LSU.  For me, Arkansas is playing better, is more complete and will roundhouse LSU Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. Typical that 1 of our own would discount LSU with their 2 National Championships in the CMR Era here at UGA with LSU 6-0 like Auburn.

    LSU just knocked off Florida whom CMR is 2-7 against with a lousy team this year intent on nothing but bad press and 11 arrests with 2 wins 4 losses for us.

    LSU also thumped Missy State who thumped CMR one game apart.

    Yes, LSU plays Alabama, Auburn and Arkansas coming up. Don't all of them already have a loss ? Yes.

    I think it fair to give credit to LSU's defense.

    Yes, LSU's offense is pitiful; but doesn't that just make what their defense is doing all that more impressive to you sir ?

    Ok, so the ball landed flat and bounced up.

    At least he has a pair, unlike our own. And, soon they will have Zach Mettenberger who pre-game I called to be our QB vs Okie State last year.

    LSU is light years ahead of us.

    You cannot in my humble opinion throw LSU out yet and leave these other teams in, instead.

    Just my opinion.

  2. I can only rank 10. If I had 45, then I could rank all of the teams ahead of us.

    Help me understand what Georgia's past record against Florida has to do with this discussion?

    What it came down to was LSU needed a miracle to beat Tennessee and five turnovers to beat Miss State. If LSU keeps winning, obviously they merit ranking. Right now, in my humble opinion, they don't.