Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Hope Jeff Schultz is Happy

Yeah, I know it isn't Schultz's fault that King got arrested.  I know Richt did this because he is becoming increasingly frustrated with his team's lack of attention to these matters.

But damn.  2 games for not mailing in a payment or showing to court.  My guess is King lied about having taken care of it to compliance or Richt, too.

Now, of course, Schultz will switch from 'Richt is too easy on the players' to 'Richt's players don't respect him'.  It is like the sun rising in the east.  In the meantime, a Florida player texts a threat to his woman and gets what? Tennessee has five players who beat a cop and another person within inches of their lives four months ago and what happened?  Where is Shultz's indignation?  Where is the rest of the Richt is too soft crowd?

This is just a rant on my part.  I agree King should have taken care of this.  I actually support Mark Richt's decision (especially if King lied about taking care of it).  I just hate that Richt is in the position to have to make this decision due to two things he can't control: 20 year olds being 20 year olds, and 50 year old 'writers' who would rather recycle pontifications than actually find something new and interesting to write about.


And then Paul Westerdawg got to the heart of the matter.


  1. I was not aware that the vols nor Florida have had 11 arrests since just March 7, let alone that this is Caleb King's 2nd arrest, the first coming after he drove on a suspended license and driving the wrong way on a 1-way street.

    The rest of us are sick and tired of all these arrests. Who is next, pray tell ? This inconsequential, irrelevant, worthless person, especially irritating and contemptible out of proportion to his significance, telling Ken Macolme that being a TB at UGA is a "GRIND."

    But damn nothing. What the hell has Caleb King ever done, except to get arrested, act like he is God and above the Law here, and not feel like playing on game day ?

    No sympathy. Got exactly what he deserved, just like all the rest of them over there feeling entitled.

  2. Dude,

    Right on. Sick of Jeff Schultz. The dude needs to be fired and released from his misery. He obviously hates his job. He despises Mark Richt. Glad you called him out.

  3. Anon 4:07, I am sick and tired of the arrests, too. I am pointing out the massive hypocrisy of vilifying Mark Richt and Georgia over these arrests, yet places that have had similar arrests, but less stern reactions from the coaches, go virtually unnoticed by these people.

    The Vols had six guys beat down two people in a bar fight. Two months ago. Yes, there was only one arrest, so I guess they have that going for them. Today, Florida welcomed back someone who texted a death threat to his woman. Nothing out of Schultz or other media. Caleb King gets arrested for an administrative matter and it is a sign of the apocalypse.

    Florida has had 25+ arrests in the past three years, comparable to Georgia's arrests in that time. By my count, Richt has kicked four guys off the team this season for things (and less) that have gotten Rainey a five or six game suspension.

    So, all players who break the law are entitled? Really? What about non players, but on Hope? How about non players that are on work study?

    I don't think for a second Richt should let this type of behavior go unpunished, which he hasn't. I don't think two games, given the circumstances (surrounding the team) is excessive. I do think the hyperbolic reaction is.

  4. Good point-

    I find Jeff Schultz's propensity to present only 1 side of an issue is abnormal for a journalist at a major newspaper. Jeff's not a Georgia fan writing a blog, nobody wants to hear his 1 sided opinion, he's supposed to be an objective newspaper journalist seeking truth, looking at the story from both sides of the issue. He's more intersted in getting hits for his sensational articles than he is in getting to what's true. I got no problem with criticism of Georgia, it's been a bad year overall, as long as it's balanced in the same article equally with the good of what's going on.