Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How the Other Half Lives

Just noticed a few questions from a chat with Alan Trubow of the Austin Stateman (from an article at
"Among Tuesday’s better questions that bubbled up during Alan’s chat:
  • “Is it baseball season yet?”
  • “Why would they use a defensive back for kick/punt returns anyway? That is why they are defensive backs and not wide receivers.”
  • “I’m calling losses to Nebraska, Kansas State, Oklahoma State and A&M/Baylor. Thoughts?”
  • “How long before Mack Brown gives Case McCoy a look?”
  • “As much as the second, third and fourth quarter was about Texas’ players not executing or making mistakes, don’t you think the difference was the 14 points that Texas’ coaching unpreparedness spotted OU?”
  • “The problem with throw first, throw first, throw first is you have to have receivers who can catch the ball.”
A couple of thoughts on Texas and their fans:

First, their offensive coordinator (Greg Davis) is catching a lot of flack.  Sound familiar: "Do you think Greg Davis deserves the $400,000 that he gets to produce the 83rd ranked offense in the country?"  

They have a true sophomore that has done ok, with one notable exception, he has 4TDs and 5Ints.  For comparison sake, here is Gilbert's numbers next to another young first year starting QB (from
Name Yr Pos G Att Comp Pct. Yards Yards/Att Int TD Rating Att/G Yards/G
Garrett Gilbert SO QB 5 180 114 63.3 1151 6.4 5 4 118.81 36.0 230.2

Name Yr Pos G Att Comp Pct. Yards Yards/Att Int TD Rating Att/G Yards/G
Aaron Murray FR QB 5 132 80 60.6 1100 8.3 3 8 146.06 26.4 220.0

It seems to me there is some growing that needs to be done.  Their fans are ready to fire their offensive coordinator.

Second, Texas people are worried Will Muschamp will 'jump ship' to Georgia, even drawing the following from Trubow: "He's probably already wearing Georgia red."  I will say that Trubow was more down on Muschamp than the fans, pointing out the 14-0 lead his D spotted Oklahoma and allowing 34 to UCLA.  

Now, I grant Texas is 'better' at 3-2, but how much better?  They have played two patty cakes in Wyoming and Rice and beat Texas Tech, barely.  They have lost to a good Oklahoma team and was embarrassed at home 34-12 by an average, at best, UCLA team.   Now, I will say that losing to Colorado in Boulder is tough to shoulder, but that UCLA game is a headscratcher.  I only see three more sure wins on their schedule.

I wonder how a 6-6 season will go down in Austin?

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