Monday, October 4, 2010

The Good, the Bad and a whole lot of Ugly

  • The offense got something going.  I said Friday I'd be happy to be upset if the Dawgs come out and light it up look competent on offense.  Oh, I am upset alright.  Georgia was +100 ypg over their average production.  There is no coincidence that AJ Green had 160 yards of offense when you see that.
  • Fight.  Maybe I am grasping at straws, but when the score was 14-3 and we hadn't really seen AJ involved, I thought it was over then.  You can be mad a coach Richt about his "Stay calm! All is well!" demeanor, but it doesn't look like the football players have given up.
  • Caleb King running the football.  Man on a mission.
  • Offensive line finally making some room.
  • Looks to the TE.  Orson and Aaron both made big time catches the kept drives moving.  
  • Georgia's crowd.  We showed up, cheered loudly and applauded the team when they left.  I'll take heat for saying it, but it was classy of Coach Richt applauding the Georgia crowd as he was leaving the field, as well.
  • AJ's conditioning.  I am not trying to be too hard here, but really?  Instead of being the freshest guy on the field, he needed an IV after essentially a quarter.  
  • No team in American times their penalties to hurt themselves like Georgia.  When I looked at the box score, I was genuinely shocked to see we only had five for 48 yards.
  • For the record, if you are going to rough the kicker, either get the ball or take him out of the game.  There is no alternative.  Go with option one if the kicker outweighs you by 20 lbs.
  • (((Patiently waiting for the defense to start, you know, playing defense)))
  • The fade pass isn't an option right now.  Murray will be able to throw it one day.  Right now, he is underthrowing anything that requires finesse to the corner.  Not sure if he is trying not to overthrow it, but he definately is underthrowing it.  
  • King's fumble.  I can't beat the kid up too much because he got nailed by Beatty as he got the ball, but damn.
  • (((Still patiently waiting for the defense to play defense)))
  • Not classy: Colorado fans at the game.  As a generalization, CU fans were nice and friendly up until about five minutes before kickoff.  After that, they were crass, classless and generally not very good at taunting.  At least Florida fans are original.
The Ugly:
  • Playing not to lose.  Hey, if I know that he knows that I know he knows that I am thinking something, I might do the opposite.  Especially considering BJ Beatty was in the Georgia backfield as much as our running backs were all night. I know you are playing to win with three runs and a kick, but the post route was money for Murray all night.  Take a shot.
  • I was convinced our first play would be a deep strike to AJ, especially when we started on their 24.  Regretfully, Bobo doesn't like making statements, at least bold ones.
  • Only getting AJ 14 looks (9 catches, 1 run, 4 incomplete passes including the awesome int by Jalil Brown).
In the end, there is enough here to make lesser men go mad.  As I look at the game again and churn through stats, I realize that this game could have been a 35-13 Georgia blowout.  As it is, it is a 2 point gut churning loss to a lesser team.  Yes, Colorado's players and coaches played hard and played 60 minutes and as a result defeated a more talented team.

I'd take that right now.

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