Monday, October 18, 2010

Five Questions

  1. Will Washaun get the trust of his team back? Oh, yeah.  17 rushes for 123 yards and a TD.  No Fumbles. 
  2. How much will Bobo continue to protect the playbook? Nothing too new, but you need only to look at Carlton Thomas being used the way he was and the looks at the TEs to know Bobo is growing more comfortable with his weapons. 
  3. Can the defense put together an effective game against the pass and the run? It remains to be seen if Justin gets player of the week honors, but I'll take 140 yards total offense allowed and no points.  Yes, Vandy has the worse offense we'll face this season since we don't play LSU.  Speaking of, even LSU didn't keep Vandy from scoring.  Akeem Dent might get PotW honors with his 8 tackles (one for loss).  He comes up with the TD, it is probably a landslide.
  4. Will Ken Malcome play?  He dressed, but even in mop up time, they kept the shirt on him.  Ealey, Thomas and Muntz carried the load well and there was never any need to bring him in.  
Bonus Question: Will Hutson Mason get some mop up time? 4/4 for 28 yards and a ton of handoffs the last quarter. 

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